Very Nifty

A supercharged NFT ecosystem

The base layer

The Gallery is a game that gives life to Ethereum NFT's. Get your own vNFT from second hand market like Open Sea or wrap your favorite existing NFT.

Your vNFT is able to mine $muse once per day but you'll need to give him gems to keep it alive and make him evolve. Highest ranked vNFT on the leaderboard produces more $muse.

#2 The NFT DEX

A protocol

NFT20 is a permissionless p2p protocol to tokenize NFTs and make them tradable on decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap or Sushiswap.

Anyone with an NFT can create a new pool or add his NFT to an existing pool and get ERC20 Token derivatives of their NFTs in a permission-less way, those tokens can be transferred and traded on DEXes right away.


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